My name is Falkwyn de Goyeneche.  

I’m an experienced cinematographer and photographer, I’m interested
in many things of all shapes and sizes, but mostly I like photographing people.

Also,  I like to swim.

For assignments please feel free to contact me at:

select clients:

Swatch, Oysho, Loewe, Ms Min, Del Pozo, Quiksilver, Rip Curl,
Roxy, Beachgold, La Casita de Wendy, Dawn of Midi, Zoé



feature films:  “Zoe panoramas”, “The Cold Light Of Day” “Knight & Day”, “The Way”, “Los Abrazos Rotos”,

“The Limits of Control”,“Vidas Pequeñas”, “Manolete”, “Café Solo o con Ellas”,  “La Maquina De Bailar”,  “Goal II”

advertising: freelance work on approximately 200 projects, Productions for clients: Nike, Mercedes Benz, Heineken,

Volkswagen, Vodafone, Toyota, Loewe, Fiat, Renault, Iberdrola, Ikea, Inditex, among others

series: (D.O.P. , Camera Operator) : “La Furia Somos” “Algien Mas” “Los cracks del surf”

brand films: (Director / D.O.P.): “SeaTrees” “Dunia Baru” “Nestle vegan meats” “welcome to the mason elephant park”

“mason adventures” “the perfect plan” "Balancing the Waters” “Sunbrella Prana”

short films:  (D.O.P. , Camera Operator): “Jamie’s ten point ride” “Les têtes ouvertes” “Der wild Jung”

select publications:

The Wall Street Journal, Radio Lab, NPR, Purnati Books,
Rolling Stone, Monocle Magazine, Neo 2, Grazia, Acid Magazine


2012 “Apples and Oranges”, solo exhibition
University of Melendez Pelayo.  Santander, Spain.

2012 “Docile and Dreamy”, solo exhibition,
Do Design.  Madrid, Spain.

2009 “Ombak Bali," collective exhibition,
Bali, Indonesia.